1.Sentry Payments (SP), what do you mean High Risk vs Low Risk merchants?

High Risk clients, in the Credit Card Processing industry, are anyone operating websites that fall into such categories as adult, gambling, travel, auctions, discount services, bail bond issuers, medical discount programs, extended warranty/protection services, furniture/home improvement, gift certificates, nutraceuticals, memberships/subscriptions, prepaid phone cards, ticket brokers, etc. that have higher than usual chargeback volumes. Chargebacks usually happen due to fraud or a high-level of refund activity. Because of more work put into dealing with chargebacks, High-Risk Merchants pay higher processing fees than Low-Risk clients.

Low Risk Merchants, in the Credit Card Processing industry, are anyone who usually has much lower chargeback volumes, due to a higher satisfaction of the end-user (the buyer of the product/service). But don't get us wrong, there are still chargebacks in every industry. Low Risk Merchants usually fall into an e-Commerce category with online shopping carts who sell regular products such as the ones sold in your local supermarket or online stores that sell authentic sunglasses (replicas fall into High Risk category), cosmetics, footwear, clothes etc. These above listed categories are just a few examples to give you an idea of a merchant who is running an online business with low risk clientele.

2. SP, what are your rates for Credit Card Processing our website?

Every merchant is unique in his or her needs depending on lots of factors such as type of transactions, list & prices of products you offer, monthly transaction volume, etc. At the end of the day, Sentry Payments (SP) wants you to maximize your gain, so we're willing to hear your needs out - how much your current processor is charging you, what kind of service you're getting from them and whether you expect something more, etc. At the end, based on all the collected information, we'll create a custom rates package for you that we guarantee you'll LOVE! The rates and quality of service is just unbeatable. At least that's what our clients keep on saying day after day. Check our testimonials. To get a FREE QUOTE, simply fill out a Pre-Application Form and one of our friendly sales associates will contact you that very same day.

3. SP, do you offer bulk rates?

Yes, we do. We provide as much flexibility for you (merchants) as possible, so it is a win-win situation for both of us. Please fill out a Pre-Application Form. In the same day, one of our Credit Card Processing experts will look over your application and contact you shortly to give you some rate options.

4. SP, I'm new to Credit Card Processing or Internet Payment Service Providers. How does Credit Card Processing work?

Credit Card Processing through online service providers is one of the most complex processes out there. But if you are interested to know how it works, here's a simplified overview of how credit card processing works:

  Step 1.

Customer (let's say Jenny) submits her Credit Card for payment via internet, phone or email. And SentryPayments.com processes Jenny's data, on behalf of YOU the merchant (let's say you own an Adult membership website).

  Step 2.

SentryPayments.Com securely passes coded transactions through its servers and connects with (YOUR) Merchant's Bank, as well as Jenny's credit card company to see if the transaction is successful; that is, whether there are sufficient funds on Jenny's account and whether the transaction is legit. SentryPayments.com is partnered with MasterCard Secure Code, Verified Visa and Maxmind minFraud to minimize fraudulent transactions.

  Step 3.

The transaction is then either approved or declined by the Issuing Bank depending on many factors such as Jenny's available funds, correctness of credit card submission, etc.

  Step 4.

SentryPayments.com then sends the transaction results to Jenny (customer) and YOU, the merchant, to see.

  Step 5.

YOU the Merchant sees that the transaction is successful and sends Jenny (customer), her desired goods or services.

  Step 6.

Meanwhile, the two banks and the credit card company work together to fully complete the transaction. Jenny's issuing bank sends the funds to the credit card company, which sends the funds to the (YOUR) merchant's bank account. On average, settlement takes two to four business days to complete. Don't get us wrong, Jenny is already enjoying her product, it's just the transfer of money takes 2-4 days (for everyone... that's just how Banks, Mastercard, Visa and the financial industry in general work).

5. SP, how do I cancel my subscription?

Please visit our Cancel Subscription page. Its a quick form that will speed up the process.

6. SP, what is Online Payment Processing?

Payment Processing is used by online and bricks & mortar merchants who handle credit card transactions. Payment Processing utilize the latest and the most advanced anti-fraud measures, both internal and external (global blacklist) to ensure everyone's safety (both merchant's and customer's) is protected during credit card transaction.

7. SP, what is a Payment Gateway?

Not to get too technical here. Keeping it simple, Payment Gateway is a program that allows the entire transfer of credit card information to be passed from the start of customers credit card data input, through merchant's account to the payment processing company like Sentry Payments. Basically, it's acted as a middleman between customers, merchants, payment processing company and banks to securely transfer customer's credit card data in the process to approve the transaction.More on it in our Payment Gateway Features page

8. SP, what is a Merchant Account?

Every merchant who wishes to sell their products or services requires to have a Merchant Account through the ISO/Bank. In other words, if a merchant wishes to accept credit card payments from their customers, they are required to be approved for a Merchant Account. You can apply for both local or foreign banks, but just remember each one has their own strict regulations that you need to follow. Sentry Payments has lots of connections with different type of ISOs/Banks. Get a hold of us and we'll help you get approved for one or multiple Merchant's accounts for your business. So you can START PROCESSING TODAY.

9. SP, what do you mean by Recurring Billing?

Recurring Billing is an automatic billing that is charged to customer's credit or debit card usually on monthly or yearly basis, depending on the billing cycle. For example, utility bills or phone bills are both recurring billing charged on monthly basis to customer's credit or debit cards. SentryPayments.com is that type of company that can create customized recurring billing for merchant's needs. Sentry Payments can also customize your billing to Scheduled Rebilling, Manual Rebilling, Decline Behaviours, Cascading Billing, etc. Your imagination is our Payment Gateway's manifestation! More on it in our Recurring Billing page