Customized Fraud Scrubbing Tools

  • Set up fraud checks to help you reject unwanted or fraudulent transactions/sales sign ups. Block customers who provide bad email addresses, say they're from a different country than their IP, or try (and fail) to perform a transaction multiple times. Check against MaxMind minFraud's third-party fraud detection service. Or let us set up custom fraud checking rules based on your own unique needs.

  • Advanced Feature Application Programming Interface (API)

  • Have complete control of your payment processing by integrating your sales software with our service, importing reports and statistics seamlessly. If you use affiliate management software, odds are it's already fully integrated with our system.

  • Merchant Account Transactional Volume Balancing

  • If you have more than one merchant account, we have many ways for you to control the transactional volume going to each account. You can direct sales to particular accounts based on the product they purchase or the type of credit card they use. You can set up one account as a backup cascade, to handle sales that aren't accepted by another. You can even balance the percentage of sales that go to each.

  • Security

  • We are a PCI DSS Level 1 service provider, and have undergone strict industry security auditing. Our multi-layered encryption process keeps your customer's data, and your business, secure.

Most competitors would charge a percentage of every dollar you make. Our tiered pricing plans, constant promotiions as well as our SentryREWARDS loyalty program (redeeming points for FREE transactions) lets you keep more of the money you have worked hard for.

Payment Processing Services

SentryPayments Testimonials

"My overall experience at Sentry has been great! The SP team has gone out of their way time after time. I've been provided cost effective, quick, and long term solutions that continue to work. I recommend using Sentry Payments over any other."

- Chris, CEO of Herbal Traffic