From our very beginning, Sentry Payments has focused on the security of our servers, networks and applications; security is a core aspect to our business. Handling credit card and other private customer data requires extra scrutiny and paranoia with regards to the security of our systems. The credit card industry has established a set of standards (PCI-DSS currently v2.0 with 3.0 coming out in Fall 2013) aimed at ensuring and enforcing the safety of your data, standards that Sentry Payments meets or exceeds in every aspect. We undergo regular audits to ensure we conform to our own high internal security standards, testing our whole organization, from our networks and servers, to our software applications, to our personnel and office practices. All aimed at ensuring that you and your customers' data is kept as safe and secure as possible, giving you and your business peace of mind.

Sentry Payments is assessed as a PCI-DSS Level 1 Service Provider, meaning you can have confidence that we are handling you and your customers' data with the utmost care.

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For more information about PCI-DSS, visit their site here.

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SentryPayments Testimonials

"Sentry Payments has the best rates of any credit card processing company we've used, and they provide top notch support - they've been there for us whenever we've an emergency."

- Lloyd, VP of Crazy Protocol