We are very flexible with rates. That is one reason why our clients choose us over our competitors. We charge based on how well your business is doing. If you represent a start-up company, you will be charged less than if you are an established company. It is in our best interest for your business to succeed. If your business grows, so do we. At the same time, we offer bulk rates for companies that are doing really well in their given industries. Again, this is because it is in our own best interest for your business to succeed.

We think of our clients as our partners because we try to align both of our interests as much as possible. The end result being we want both of us to be successful and satisfied with the business partnership we have created. Rates are customized to your needs.

Please fill out a Pre-Application form that will give us a better view on what you need.

Payment Processing Services

SentryPayments Testimonials

"Sentry Payments has the best rates of any credit card processing company we've used, and they provide top notch support - they've been there for us whenever we've an emergency."

- Lloyd, VP of Crazy Protocol