Sentry Payments' Recurring Billing features lets you automatically charge a customer's credit or debit card on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis, depending on your business' billing cycle. Billing schedules can be customized in a infinite number of ways to allow for free or paid product trials, trial-to-full subscription conversions, shipping & handling delays, etc. These features are ideal for magazine and digital content subscription businesses as well as for utility and mobility companies. Sentry Payments can create customized recurring billing solutions for merchant's needs.

Advanced Recurring Billing Features Supported:

    Re-Attempt Rebilling

  • A customer's recurring charge was declined? You can set up a retry billing schedule, and specify how often you wish to retry the recurring transaction, and how many attempts you'd like to try. You can even attempt a lower bill amount to maximize customer retention.

  • Manual Rebilling

  • Let us handle the rebilling of your customers -- or take complete control and charge them on your own schedule or software. Our fully-featured API gives you the power to manually control recurring billing of your customers.

  • Decline Transaction Behaviours

  • Sentry Payments automated rebilling system can customized to perform certain actions depending on the transaction processing response from your merchant bank. The bank responds that the card may be stolen? You can have the customer's subscription immediately cancelled and card number black listed. The bank responds that there's insufficient funds? Try the charge again -- for a lesser amount!

  • 1-Click Transactions

  • If a customer already has a transaction or subscription under your processing account, you can use our API to charge the customer a one-time charge or start a new subscription without having to recollect all the credit card data from them again. This means easy way for you to offer your products and easy way for customers to purchase them.

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SentryPayments Testimonials

"Sentry payments has always been extremely attentive and responsive to my needs. Whether it's custom programming or a 1am emergency, they're available and ready to help."

- Alex, CEO of Red Light Media, Inc