Too Much Media

  • The Makers of NATS affiliate software Too Much Media (TMM) have had Sentry Payments payment gateway integrated since 2008 starting with its NATS 3.x product (under the legacy name RSBilling). Since then they have worked with us to advance their product by offering the advance billing solutions that Sentry Payments has developed for its customers. We are proud to be supported in their latest NATS version 4.1 released May 2011.

  • Mansion Productions

  • The creators of MPA3 affiliate software. We are happy to be currently integrated with the latest MPA3 version 5.

  • MaxMind minFraud

  • Credit Card & Customer fraud detection. MaxMind

  • TSYS Acquiring Platform

  • TSYS' Sierra / Vital are currently integrated with Sentry Payments

  • First Data

  • Sentry is currently integrated with First Data Global Gateway (formally LinkPoint Secure). We are currently in the process of integrating FD Nashville and FD Omaha.

  • Dell

  • Sentry Payments uses Dell server platforms to build innovative and highly competitive business solutions that lowers customer costs and sustains competitive advantage.

Payment Processing Services

SentryPayments Testimonials

"Sentry payments has always been extremely attentive and responsive to my needs. Whether it's custom programming or a 1am emergency, they're available and ready to help."

- Alex, CEO of Red Light Media, Inc