Sentry Payments' Virtual Terminal (VPOS) provides you with an online hands-free payment solution - an easy way for your business to accept credit card payments. Simply enter your customer's credit card information and process the transaction manually via our online merchant web admin panel.

Benefits using Sentry Payments' Virtual Terminal:
  • Processing done quick and easy via our online merchant web admin panel
  • Secured and encrypted data to protect the cardholder
  • Cutting on traditional physical hardware and maintenance expense
  • Customizable to your needs: modifying your payment options as you please
  • Ideal for Mail Order/Telephone Order merchants that dont sell products online

Payment Processing Services

SentryPayments Testimonials

"Sentry payments has always been extremely attentive and responsive to my needs. Whether it's custom programming or a 1am emergency, they're available and ready to help."

- Alex, CEO of Red Light Media, Inc